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Work-life balance

Victoria Police is a family friendly employer. We provide nine weeks annual leave, 14 weeks' paid maternity leave and two weeks paternity leave for the Police and PSO roles.

Shift work is a mandatory element for all policing roles and if you have never experienced shift work before, it may take some time to get used to. But once you are into the swing of shift work, you’ll find it can provide benefits that office hours can’t – such as being able to drop the kids off to school, take on some part-time studies, or indulge in a hobby. It’s about finding a work-life balance that works best for you and your family.

Rostered work schedule

For Police and Protective Services Officer roles, you will be able to request your preferred locations, however this may not always be possible for the first 1-2 years in the role. For those with carer responsibilities, rosters are developed four weeks in advance to ensure you have time to plan for any assistance needed.

You will be able to request specific days off in advance from your rostering Sergeant and be given the opportunity to swap shifts with your co-workers.

Family is a priority

At Victoria Police we understand the importance of family and we are committed to helping our employees achieve a good work-life balance. Our Welfare Services team are dedicated to assisting employees through difficult situations experienced on the job and at home to ensure you are supported in both facets of your life. And we structure our recreational, paid maternity and paternity leave to be as family friendly as possible.

How we achieve work-life balance for each role

Reviewed 22 August 2019