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Release date: Tue 3 January 2012

Last updated: Thu 19 November 2015

Licensed firearm dealers trade in firearms, ammunition, parts and accessories and as a result, play an important role in community safety. Through accurately recording firearm transactions and promptly reporting these to Licensing & Regulation Division, dealers help Victoria Police regulate the firearm industry.

Interested in becoming a dealer?

Victorian licensed firearm dealers belong to one of three classes:

  • Class 1 dealers who trade in category A, B, C, D, E longarms, general category handguns and category E handguns
  • Class 2 dealers who trade in category A, B longarms, general category handguns
  • Class 3 dealers who can only repair category A, B, C, D, E longarms, general category handguns and category E handguns and/or sell ammunition.

Existing licence holders

LRD's Firearm Dealer Team ('FDT') assists newly licensed firearm dealers to obtain their dealer registers, authorised firearm identifier status and meet legislative reporting requirements. The FDT also provide administrative support to all dealers through:

  • processing transaction reports
  • administering firearm templates
  • assisting with weekly/monthly reporting requirements
  • replacing lost or incorrect registration certificates
  • allocating firearm serial numbers
  • processing custom import permits
  • answering enquiries from dealers

Licensed Firearm Dealers can also apply to be an Authorised Firearm Identifier (PDF). Authorised Firearm Identifiers have a wealth of technical knowledge and firearm experience, and are highly skilled at identifying firearms. It is critical that a firearm is identified accurately because a licence holder can break the law if they do not have the correct firearm licence or meet the genuine reasons for having that category of firearm. On behalf of a licence holder, an Authorised Firearm Identifier can apply to LRD to have a longarm exempt from licensing and registration requirements (PDF) where the firearm was manufactured before 1900 and does not take commercial ammunition.

In certain circumstances, dealers may loan dealership firearms out to licence holders but they cannot loan a firearm out at a rate equivalent to the full cost of the firearm.

Only licensed firearm dealers may advertise the sale of a firearm. The exception to this is where an advertisement is published by an approved club or in a commercially published firearm or shooting sports magazine. This exemption does not extend to internet websites.


LRD's Dealer Reference Guide (PDF) is a good general reference but also provides specific information about the laws regarding importing, exporting, purchasing, selling, transferring and recording firearms transactions that you must follow.

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