VicPol Corporate

Pro-active crime prevention programs are a key focus. The organisation's members seek to develop links within the local community, schools, ethnic communities, local business and other groups to reduce the incidence and impact of crime. Victoria Police understands the importance of community partnerships in reducing crime and in providing a safer place to live.


Partnerships are achieved through community based crime prevention programs such as Neighbourhood Watch and a network of full-time crime prevention officers. Community consultation and education are key parts of this process.

Victoria Police is working in partnership with the Department of Justice and Regulation to deliver a High Volume Crime Prevention Campaign.

Supporting victims

Beyond preventing, investigating and solving crime, Victoria Police offers support and understanding to the victims of crime, their families and friends. Future Directions for Victim-Centric Policing is Victoria Police's commitment to enhance service delivery for victims and those in need of assistance.

For more information and resources relating to victims of crime see Victims of crime

Reviewed 22 November 2019