LGBTIQA+ community safety

Our ongoing LGBTIQA+ community commitment, support networks, plans, and how to report crimes against the LGBTIQA+ community.

Victoria Police has a commitment to protect and support our LGBTIQA+ communities at all times.

Learn more about our specially trained LGBTIQA+ Liaison Officers (LLOs), information about how to report a crime, ongoing community consultation, LGBTIQA+ networks for our employees, and advice for staying safe.

LGBTIQA+ events for young people are critical for self-acceptance, identity, affirmation and connection. Our top priority is to ensure all community events run safely with no breaches of the peace.

Victoria Police continue to work with organisers to provide the support and assistance required for these events to go ahead, however we acknowledge that there will be times that the organisers may choose to cancel or postpone events.

If you have an event planned and need assistance in developing a safety plan, please contact your local police station.