LGBTIQA+ community commitment and consultation

Victoria Police has a commitment to protect and support LGBTIQA+ communities.

Victoria has a diverse population representing many cultures, experiences and backgrounds.

Victoria Police provides equal and fair access to policing services for all Victorians and visitors to Victoria.

Our commitment to the LGBTIQA+ community

We are committed to improving our relationship with LGBTIQA+ communities, including:

  • lesbian
  • gay
  • bisexual
  • transgender and gender diverse
  • intersex
  • queer, and
  • questioning.

We are committed to addressing issues affecting these communities.

How we show our commitment

  • Engagement with community

    This helps us make informed decisions and improve service delivery.

  • Customised policies

    Developing policies to protect and address specific needs of LGBTIQA+ Victorians and visitors.

  • Safe and equal access to policing services

    We provide this with the support of our LGBTIQA+ liaison officer (LLO) network.

  • Embracing and embedding diversity and inclusion in our organisation

    We aim to create a workplace where all employees can be themselves and support each other.

  • Involvement in the whole-of-government LGBTIQ+ strategy

    The strategy includes a vision for equality and inclusion in all aspects of government work in the next ten years.

LGBTIQA+ community consultation

Victoria Police commits to:

  • listening to community concerns, and
  • working towards shared solutions.

We achieve this by co-ordinating a quarterly LGBTIQA+ Portfolio Reference Group.

This group is made up of key stakeholders from:

  • LGBTIQA+ organisations
  • government agencies, and
  • a trans and gender diverse sub-committee.

What happens at a consultation

Each consultation event has a different focus on intersecting communities, such as:

  • youth
  • multicultural
  • family violence
  • and more.

We thank the community for sharing their thoughts with us.

We will also report back on our progress.

Victoria Police’s LGBTIQA+ Town Hall

In 2021, we held our first inaugural LGBTIQA+ Town Hall event at the Victorian Pride Centre.

The Town Hall was a chance for community members to engage with us about issues that matter to them. They also gave us feedback about what we can do better.

During the Town Hall, we received more questions than we had time to answer. We committed to answering every question after the event. Those questions and answers can be viewed from the 2021 LGBTIQA+ Town Hall conversation.

We are committed to holding an annual Town Hall event. The second Town Hall was held in December 2022, with the theme of multicultural communities. The third Town Hall will be held in December 2023, with the theme of LGBTIQA+ young people.

Submit your feedback

Our commitment to improve confidence and trust in Victoria Police is ongoing. We will continue to work with the community to provide opportunities for engagement.

We'd love to hear any feedback about our work with the LGBTIQA+ community.

Please email any thoughts to

2021 LGBTIQA+ Town Hall conversation

See below the several questions and answers from our Town Hall, split into themes:

  • Theme 1: A safe, responsive and approachable police service
  • Theme 2: Training
  • Theme 3: Policing approaches
  • Theme 4: Pride
  • Theme 5: Police accountability
  • Theme 6: Future Town Halls

Theme 1: A safe, responsive and approachable police service

Theme 2: Training

Theme 3: Policing approaches

Theme 4: Pride

Theme 5: Police accountability

Theme 6: Future Town Halls

Request a LGBTIQA+ liaison officer (LLO) for a community event

Community events are important to us and we encourage event organisers to notify police early.

This ensures the safety of an event and help us identify community engagement opportunities, such as LBGTIQ+ liaison officers (LLOs) attending.

LLOs provide discrete, non-judgemental advice and support. They can also provide information about support services.

For large events and festivals, email the Victoria Police State Event Planning Unit at

For small, local events, event organisers should contact the local police station in the area the event is being held.

If you would like an LLO to attend your event, please email

Victoria Police LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Action Plan 2023-2024

The Victoria Police LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Action Plan 2023–2024 is part of the Victoria Police Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Framework 2023–2030.