Report child abuse

Report a case of child abuse to Victoria Police. Always call Triple Zero (000) in an emergency.

If you have experienced or are aware of a recent or historical case of child abuse, we are here to help you.

If anyone is in immediate danger, at risk, or a crime is currently occurring, call Triple Zero (000).

It is never too late to report child abuse

There is no time limit to report child abuse.

Victoria Police will always respond to any report of abuse no matter when it occurred, or if the child is now an adult.

Report a case or concern of child abuse to Victoria Police

Victoria Police will respond to all reports of child abuse.

Report a case or concern about child abuse, including historical child abuse, to your local police station.

They will then refer your report to a Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team (SOCIT) detective. The SOCIT detective will then investigate and make referrals to support services.

Report a concern for a child’s welfare

If a child's safety or wellbeing is at risk, contact the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing Services.

Report a concern by calling the Child Protection Emergency Service on 13 12 78.

Report the online abuse of a child

Online abuse can happen on social media, games, applications (apps), or any other online or electronic platform.

Types of online abuse include:

You can report online harm to children on the eSafety Commissioner website.

There is no time limit in Victoria to report online image-based sexual offending or child abuse material.

For information about online abuse and online safety, visit our Report online abuse page.

Report unwanted sexual behaviour towards a child on public transport

Victoria Police help prevent, investigate and catch offenders harassing children on public transport.

Report unwanted sexual and anti-social behaviour on public transport.

You can do this anonymously.

Child protection authorities and mandatory reporting

Mandatory reporting is a legal requirement for certain groups. They must make a report where they form a reasonable belief of child physical or sexual abuse to child protection authorities.

Child protection authorities will report some cases directly to police if there needs to be criminal or civil action.

In the course of our duties, we sometimes may suspect that a child his being physically or sexually abused. We are required to refer those cases to child protection authorities for further review.

The Reportable Conduct Scheme

The Reportable Conduct Scheme requires organisations working with children to respond to allegations of abuse (and other child-related misconduct) against their workers.

The process includes notifying the Commission for Children and Young People of any allegations.

The Commission then independently oversees the organisation's responses to an allegation.

Report a sexual offence, sexual assault or sex crime

Victoria Police will respond to all recent and historical reports of sexual offences, sexual assaults or sex crime, we are here to help you.

Learn how to report a case or concern of sexual offence, sexual assault or sex crime.