Mobile device security

Advice to protect your mobile device, and what to do if your mobile device is lost or stolen.

Mobile devices are common targets of cyber attacks. 

Using the internet or apps on a mobile device can expose you to cyber attackers who may try to access your device to steal money, personal information or your identity. 

An unsecured mobile device can lead you to lose your: 

  • passwords 
  • bank details 
  • access to your social media accounts 
  • personal photos, videos and files 
  • private information.  

Advice to protect your mobile device

There are many steps you can take to protect your mobile device, including:

  • Use a password, pin, fingerprint or Face ID to secure your device. Ensure your device is set to lock automatically. 
  • Only use reputable websites. User reviews about websites can help to confirm their legitimacy. 
  • Only install applications (apps) from the official application store on your device.  
  • Keep operating systems and apps up-to-date. 
  • Never click on hyperlinks in text messages, social media messages or emails from people you don’t know. 
  • Never click ‘pop up’ advertisements or links. 
  • Avoid accessing personal information while using public WiFi (such as logging into your bank account). This includes at cafes, airports and public libraries. 
  • Install anti-theft and loss apps such as ‘Find My Phone’ or ‘Find My Device’. 
  • Avoid storing personal information such as banking details and social media passwords on your device. 
  • Ensure you remove all personal data from your device before selling or recycling it. 
  • Back up your data regularly with a back up application, or manually sync your device with a computer. 

If your mobile device is lost or stolen

If you lose your mobile device or it gets stolen:

  • Contact your service provider to stop or pause your service. 
  • Make a report to Victoria Police by: 
  • If you have tracking software installed on your device, let Victoria Police know. Apps such as ‘Find My Phone’ or ‘Find My Device’ can often help locate a mobile device that has been lost or stolen.

Visit the Australian Cyber Security Centre website to learn about securing your mobile phone and devices.