Number plate theft

How to prevent number plate theft, what to do if your number plates are stolen or used illegally, and how to report stolen plates.

Stolen vehicle number plates can be an inconvenience, are expensive to replace, and can be used by criminals to commit other crimes. In addition, if you drive without number plates, you could be fined and receive demerit points. 

Explore ways to prevent and report number plate theft.

Key crime prevention tips

To prevent number plate theft:

  • secure your number plates
  • park in a secure and well-lit area.

How to prevent number plate theft

You can help prevent serious offences and keep your number plates safe by following a few simple steps:

Secure your number plates

  • Secure your plates with anti-theft screws or pop rivets.
  • Anti-theft screws are fitted with a standard screwdriver but can only be removed with a special tool.


For information about our initiative to build community awareness around making number plates harder to steal, visit our SafePL8 page.

Park in a secure and well-lit area

  • Park off the street. A locked garage is best or off the street in your driveway if you don’t have a garage.
  • If parked in a driveway, consider the installation of a sensor light.
  • If you need to park on the street, park in a well-lit area.

What to do if your number plates have been stolen

If your number plates have been stolen:

  • Obtain a new set of plates from VicRoads.
  • Notify the following of your new registration details:
    • insurance company.
    • roadside assistance provider.
    • toll provider, for example EastLink or CityLink.

What to do if your number plates have been used illegally

  • Complete a statutory declaration outlining the situation. 
  • Contest the fine. Attach the statutory declaration.
  • If you have received multiple fines, contact our Police Assistance Line on 131 444, or your local police station for further advice.
  • Contact VicRoads to cancel your registration.

Report stolen number plates

For emergencies, to report a crime in progress, or for immediate police attendance, call Triple Zero (000).

Report stolen number plates to the Police Assistance Line on 131 444, as soon as possible.

Report anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or


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