CCTV installation

What to consider when installing CCTV and how to use it to protect your home and property.

CCTV cameras can help deter criminals from approaching your property or business and help identify offenders that enter your land.

Key crime prevention tips

To get the best out of your CCTV protection system:

  • consider installation and positioning
  • research the benefits.

Break-in prevention information

Crime prevention tips on how to use CCTV to prevent break-ins and theft.

CCTV installation and positioning

What to consider when installing CCTV:

  • Cover all entry and exit points, your driveway and the street in front of your house. 
  • Ensure CCTV cameras only cover your property. Avoid angles that capture your neighbours' property. 
  • Make CCTV cameras visible. Do not use fake cameras. 
  • Securely attach the camera or video-doorbell to the house. 
  • Ensure the system has adequate storage space. 
  • Ensure the storage system is well hidden, secured and backed up off site. 
  • Understand the security settings for your network.
  • Consider the image quality during the day and at night. For offenders to be identified, images need to be clear. 
  • Pair CCTV with sensor lights and alarms to maximise protection. Look for systems which send alerts to your mobile phone.

Research the benefits of CCTV

CCTV can:

  • assist to identify offenders
  • provide peace of mind to home and business owners, and residents
  • allow you to monitor your property remotely
  • be a crime deterrent if the camera is visible. 

Register your CCTV system

Learn how to register your CCTV and establish a CCTV program.