Victoria Police speaking with Older Victorians

Older Victorians

Learn about how Victoria Police delivers services tailored to the needs of senior Victorians.

We all have a right to respect and dignity as we get older. Victoria Police is committed to delivering services that are tailored and responsive to the needs of various community groups including senior Victorians.

Contrary to popular belief, a person aged over 65 is less likely to be a victim of crime than someone younger. Older people have safer lifestyles. They are more likely to take safety precautions and tend to spend less time out and about at night when the crime risk is higher.

A key priority for Victoria Police is to responding to all forms of family violence, including elder abuse. Elder abuse can be a complex hidden crime which can occur regardless of a person's gender, sexuality, culture, ethnicity, religious or socio-economic background.

Most older Victorians drive safely, accept their limitations and modify their driving to help keep our roads safe. But there are considerations and warnings signs that you should be aware of as you get older.

By following some commonsense tips and increasing self-confidence, older Victorian are less likely to be victims of crime.

Crime prevention

Burglary and theft

Having your home broken into can be a distressing experience. Many people feel uncomfortable at the thought of a stranger going through their personal belongings. Some simple steps to prevent theft and burglary include:

  • lock all doors and windows.
  • make it look like someone is home when you are out.
  • make it harder for burglars to get in without being seen.
  • secure valuables in a safe or hidden place.

Personal safety

We all have the right to feel and be safe as we go about our daily lives. We all react differently to situations and safety can mean different things to different people. We don’t want to live in a state of worry but we need to have a healthy regard for our own safety and well-being. This can include:

  • staying alert when out in public.
  • keeping valuables light, held tight and out of sight.
  • being aware of your personal security when using ATMs or talking to a teller at the bank. Visit the Victoria Police website for more tips. Our commitment to a fair and equitable Victoria

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is any act which causes harm to an older person and is carried out by someone they know and trust, such as family, friends or carers.

It includes financial, emotional, physical, social or sexual abuse and neglect. Relationships with family and friends can go wrong. Elder abuse is a type of family violence. It can be a complex, hidden crime which can occur regardless of a person’s

  • gender
  • sexuality
  • culture
  • ethnicity
  • religious
  • socio-economic background.

Victoria Police is committed to responding to all forms of family violence. If you or someone you know is experiencing elder abuse you can contact Seniors’ Rights Victoria on their free confidential helpline: 1300 368 821 or visit in a new window) for further advice. If you need immediate police assistance call Triple Zero (000).

You can find out more at  Elder abuse 

Road safety

Most senior Victorians drive safely, accept their limitations and modify their driving accordingly. Recognising early warning signs that your driving may be deteriorating is an important step in keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. Some early warning signs that you may need to change your driving habits are:

  • scratches along the car.
  • minor collisions.
  • people regularly tooting at you.

Family members may try to have a courageous conversation with you if they have concerns about your safety on the roads. You should plan for possible retirement from driving, in a similar way to planning for retirement from working. Talk to your GP about any health issues that may change your fitness to drive. Become familiar with other transport options and community services before you actually need them. More Information can be found on older drivers as well as VicRoads(opens in a new window).


If you have information about a crime contact Crime Stoppers(opens in a new window) online or 1800 333 000.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch(opens in a new window) encourages people to participate in the prevention of crime and to better secure their neighbourhoods. 

Consumer Affairs

Anybody can fall for a scam. Scams are schemes designed to deceive you, generally for the purpose of stealing your money or personal details. To report a scam call 1300 558 181.

Seniors Card

For information about the Seniors Card(opens in a new window) call 1300 797 210.

COTA Victoria

Council on the Ageing (COTA) Victoria provides information, support, activities and education programs for older people. Contact 9654 4443.

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