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Older Victorians

We all have a right to respect and dignity as we get older. Victoria Police is committed to ensuring equality and fairness in the way we serve the community.

Contrary to popular belief, a person aged over 65 is less likely to be a victim of crime than someone younger. Older people have safer lifestyles. They are more likely to take safety precautions and tend to spend less time out and about at night when the crime risk is higher.

Most older Victorians drive safely, accept their limitations and modify their driving to help keep our roads safe. But there are considerations and warnings signs that you should be aware of as you get older.

Victoria Police is committed to responding to all forms of family violence, including elder abuse. Elder abuse can be a complex hidden crime which can occur regardless of a person's gender, sexuality, culture, ethnicity, religious or socio-economic background.

By following some common sense tips and increasing self-confidence, older Victorian are less likely to be victims of crime.

More information on services, crime prevention and personal safety is included in the Working with Senior Victorians brochure, available from the links below:

Reviewed 18 November 2019