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Information and crime prevention tips relating to farm and rural safety and security across the state.

Victoria Police has dedicated Farm Crime Liaison Officers (FCLO) across the state who have expert skills in investigating livestock theft and farm related crime.

Additionally, Divisional Firearms Officers (DFOs) work out in the Victoria Police regions to support the firearms community and ensure safe storage and use of firearms.

To help prevent farm and rural crime, use the following information and safety tips to secure your property.

Reporting suspicious activity

Contact local police or Crime Stoppers if you see or hear of unusual movements of stock (movement by suspicious/unknown vehicles or persons).

Record the:

  • time
  • date
  • location
  • description of suspicious vehicles and people - take photos if it is safe to do so
  • notify police at the earliest opportunity.

If you become aware of the theft of any of your livestock or farm equipment, call police immediately to report it. The sooner a crime is reported the greater the chance of identifying the offender.

Preventing rural crime

As a landholder, you can help to prevent rural crime and your chances of becoming a victim by following some simple steps to protect your property, machinery and livestock:

  • improve farm and household security
  • keep an inventory of tools and equipment with make, model and serial numbers recorded
  • clearly mark all equipment and machinery
  • report suspicious activity

Keeping your property safe

Reviewed 19 November 2019