The Chief Commissioner’s Statement of Commitment

Victoria Police will transform its systems and processes as a result of Chief Commissioner's promise and apology to the Aboriginal community before the Yoorrook Justice Commission.

Victoria Police has committed to real change when working with the Aboriginal community. 

Chief Commissioner Shane Patton has outlined 79 actions and areas in which we will transform our systems and processes by the end of 2025.

The Chief Commissioner’s Statement of Commitment

On 8 May 2023, the Chief Commissioner Shane Patton gave evidence before the Yoorrook Justice Commission in relation to historical and current interactions between Victoria Police and the Aboriginal community.

The Chief Commissioner issued a formal and unreserved apology to the Aboriginal community on behalf of Victoria Police for the police actions that have caused or contributed to the trauma experienced by so many Aboriginal families in Victoria.

He committed to ensuring that real change flows from the apology and is doing so through a Statement of Commitment. That commits Victoria Police to delivering 79 actions by the end of 2025 in relation to: 

  • Monitoring and accountability 
  • Cultural competence and human rights capability
  • Human rights and cultural rights compliance.

The delivery of the Statement of Commitment actions will be overseen by a new committee. The committee will be made up of senior Victoria Police employees, co-chaired by the Deputy Commissioner Capability and Mr Chris Harrison, co-chair of the Aboriginal Justice Caucus