Cash handling tips

How to prevent theft while handling cash at work, and what to do if cash is stolen.

Key crime prevention tips

To prevent theft while handling cash at work:

  • limit the cash kept in the store
  • consider the store design and layout
  • be conscious of your surroundings. 

Theft prevention checklist

Limit the cash kept in the store

  • Display stickers or signs to show there is no cash left overnight. 
  • Regularly transfer cash to a secure location, for example a safe. 

Consider the store design and layout

  • Secure cash registers to the counter and position the cash register away from the exit. 
  • Install counters that maximise the distance between the customer and staff. 
  • Ensure customers cannot access behind the counter. 
  • Install safes with dual keys, time delays and dye bomb devices. 

Be conscious of your surroundings

  • Do not count cash in front of customers. 
  • Lock doors before any cash is counted. 
  • When carrying cash to the bank:
    • pay attention to the people around you
    • take someone with you
    • take your mobile phone
    • report anything suspicious to police
    • vary the time and route you take
    • do not wear your uniform or name tag
    • carry cash in a plain bag. Do not use a bag that identifies a bank or your business. 

Other things you can do

  • Roster at least two staff members per shift, and two staff to do the banking.
  • Hire store security and/or loss prevention officers. Security staff can escort staff when they are carrying cash. 
  • Use scenarios to train staff on what to do in a robbery. 

What to do if there has been a theft

If there has been a theft:

  • tell your supervisor or manager.
  • as a witness, report the offence rather than waiting for your manager to report it. 

Report it

For emergencies, to report a crime in progress, or for immediate police attendance, call Triple Zero (000).

For non-emergencies, call the Police Assistance Line on 131 444 or report online at Police Assistance Line and Online Reporting.

No issue is too small to report. Report any suspicious behaviour to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

If required, report the incident to WorkSafe Victoria on 13 23 60.


Download a printable checklist:

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