Access to apartment buildings

Securing access to your apartment building and what to do if you see something suspicious.

Key crime prevention tips

To stay safe in your apartment building you should:

  • be conscious of who you let in
  • secure your apartment
  • secure the building.

Secure access checklist 

Be conscious of who you let in

  • Be aware of your surroundings and ensure no one follows you into the building.
  • Do not allow entry to people you do not know.
  • Do not allow entry to delivery people. Meet delivery persons at the front entrance.
  • Ask for identification if someone says they are from the police. You can ask for their name and station, and call the station to confirm.
  • When accessing the carpark, pause to ensure the gate or door closes behind you.

Secure your apartment

  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • Do not leave keys in door or window locks.
  • Install a peephole (door viewer) to see who is at the door. 
  • Install a security screen door. 
  • See preventing home burglaries for more.

Secure the building 

  • Lock your mailbox. 
  • Ensure doors close and lock after you.
  • Lock tools and ladders away when not in use. 
  • Report all broken doors or gates to building management.

Tips for body corporates or owners’ corporations

  • Install a CCTV system. 
  • Fit self-closing doors and gates.
  • Ensure fences, gates and bins are not climbable. 
  • Ensure mailboxes are only accessible to residents using a swipe card or key.
  • Ensure the CCTV system captures the mailbox area.
  • Install a key or swipe system at all entry points, including the carpark door.
  • Install an alarm system.
  • Install sensor lighting. 
  • Install warning signs around the perimeter of the property. These can include “Trespassers will be prosecuted” and “CCTV in use”.

What to do if you see something suspicious

Report it

For emergencies, to report a crime in progress, or for immediate police attendance, call Triple Zero (000).

For non-emergencies, call the Police Assistance Line on 131 444 or make a report online at Police Assistance Line and Online Reporting.


Download a printable checklist:

Access to apartment buildings checklist – print only version
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