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Motorcycle riders need to be aware of a number of unique factors when on the road, such as driving and road surface conditions, staying visible to other drivers and predicting driver behaviour.

Rider awareness

There are a number of steps that a motorcycle rider can take to stay safe on the road, such as:

  • before departing, be aware of the road surface and any dangerous driving conditions that may affect your ride
  • take notice of your surroundings
  • keep a safe distance from other vehicles and roadside objects
  • be seen – wear bright clothing, use lights and ride in the correct position on the road
  • be predictable, indicate, and keep pace with the traffic. Don't accelerate suddenly
  • learn how other road users think and respond
  • ride in a manner appropriate to the road conditions
  • consider advanced training
  • ensure that protective clothing is worn

Driver awareness

While riders can do many things to reduce the risk of a crash, there are also simple actions that drivers can take, including:

  • indicating your intention to turn or change lanes well in advance
  • when changing lanes, use mirrors and head checks to make sure blind spots are clear
  • give motorcyclists enough room to manoeuvre
  • make eye contact with riders, so they know they've been seen

Reviewed 26 August 2021

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