Bike theft

How to prevent bike theft and what to do if your bike is stolen.

There are a numbers of ways to keep your bike safe when you store it in public.

Should someone steal your bike, you can report the theft via Police Assistance Line and Online Reporting.

Preventing bike theft

There are steps your can take to best protect your bike when you are out and about.


When locking your bike up in public places, D-locks are a popular choice to secure bikes. Compared to cable and most chain locks, they are the best solution to keeping bikes safe from theft.

D-locks come in different sizes, strengths and security levels. The type you choose should depend on where and how long the bike will be left alone.

A D-lock requires a heavy-duty cutting tool to remove it if locked.

Most D-locks are:

  • made of high-quality hardened steel
  • can be frame mounted for easy transportation
  • often include a parabolic shank design (where both sides of the shank need to be cut to break the lock).

Some models include a braided ‘booster’ cable. These are designed to allow the rider to secure both wheels, while the main lock secures the frame.

There are different D-Lock models and brands to choose from.

For more information, contact your local bike shop.

Parkiteer bike cages

Parkiteer bike cages are a safe, secure and easy way to store your bike while using the public transport system.

They provide a locked caged area for registered Parkiteer users.

You can find Parkiteer bike cages at over 100 Victorian Railway Stations. They are available to use 24-hours, 7 days a week.

To find out more or register, visit the Parkiteer website or call 1300 546 526.

Report bike theft

If your bicycle is stolen, report the crime as soon as you can.

This gives police the best opportunity to locate offenders, recover your bike and get it back to you.

Make a report

You can make a police report by:

Information to have ready

If your bike is stolen, useful information to have when making a police report is:

  • where and when the bicycle was parked
  • the make
  • the model
  • the colour
  • its serial number.

Finding the serial number

You can usually find the serial number on the bottom of your bicycle frame. It sits it in the centre of the frame where the pedals meet.

If you can't find the serial number, contact your local bike shop for help.

We recommend all bike owners take note and record their serial numbers in a safe location. You may need this information in the future.

Staying safe as a cyclist

Learn more about how you can stay safe while riding your bike on the road.


When you need us, but not the sirens

Use our Police Assistance Line and Online Reporting service to report non-urgent crimes or events 24/7. Save 131 444 to your mobile phone contacts to report quickly and easily.