Report online abuse

Information about different types of online abuse and harm, how to report them, and how eSafety can help.

Online abuse can happen on social media, games, applications (apps) or any other online or electronic platform.

Online abuse may be through:

  • posts
  • comments
  • texts and online messages
  • livestreams
  • memes
  • images
  • videos
  • and emails.

Report online abuse with eSafety

Australia has strong laws to prevent and deal with harm caused by serious online abuse and illegal and restricted online content.

If you or someone you know experiences online abuse, eSafety can help.

eSafety regulate online safety in Australia.

Report online harm with eSafety

How eSafety can help

eSafety can help to get harmful online content removed.

To have harmful online content removed, it must meet some legal thresholds for investigation.

Even if eSafety cannot get the content removed, they will:

  • check you are safe
  • give you support and information to help you protect yourself.

What eSafety can investigate

The following types of online content can be investigated by eSafety.


Cyberbullying is serious, harmful online communication to or about a child or young person under 18.

Cyberbullying may include:

  • being mean online
  • sending hurtful messages
  • sharing embarrassing photos, and
  • creating fake accounts.

Adult cyber abuse

Adult cyber abuse is serious, harmful online communication to or about a person who is 18 or older.

This content is threatening, harassing or offensive and intended to cause serious harm.

Adult cyber abuse may include:

  • being cyber stalked
  • being threatened online
  • being doxed. A person or organisation who is doxed has their private or personal information shared publicly.

Image-based abuse

Image-based abuse involves sharing or threatening to share intimate images or videos of a person without their consent.

This is sometimes called ‘revenge porn’ or sexual extortion.

Illegal or restricted content

Illegal or restricted content shows or encourages:

  • the sexual abuse or exploitation of children
  • terrorist acts
  • other types of violent crimes, or
  • extreme violence.

How to report online abuse

There are steps you can take to make a report, depending on if you are experiencing cyber bullying or online abuse, or seeing illegal or restricted content.

Reporting cyber bullying and adult cyber abuse

If you are experiencing cyber bullying or adult cyber abuse:

Image-based abuse or illegal and restricted content

If you have experienced image-based abuse or seen illegal or restricted content, make a report to eSafety immediately.

Learn more on the eSafety website

Visit the eSafety website to:

  • find out more about what eSafety can investigate
  • learn how to make a report, and
  • learn how to collect evidence.