Find your place in policing

Tuesday, 15 May 2018 at 12:28 am
Find your place in policing

Victoria Police has many different divisions and taskforces. Officers use specialist skills and a range of uniforms to best serve the community. You bring the passion, we provide the training.

Which will you choose?


The Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) is responsible for high risk incidents where there is a probability of a violent confrontation or it is suspected the person has a weapon. CIRT members have to be fit and be good communicators, as their job often involves negotiation with a suspect and is very fast paced.

The Special Operations Group (SOG) is Victoria Police’s elite tactical unit responsible for counter terrorism response. They arrest some of the most violent offenders in the community. 

If you’re thinking of joining the SOG, be prepared. Training for this elite team is rigorous, intense and challenging and requires not only physical strength, but also complex reasoning skills in extremely high pressure situations. 



Think you could solve it? Detectives are trained to have a keen eye for detail to detect and investigate crime using technology, forensics and the classic skill – talking to people.

Detectives across the state are responsible for investigating everything from thefts and burglaries to armed robberies and drug offences.

There are many detectives in specialist squads and taskforces using their investigation skills on murder cases, organised crime, finance, cyber crime and more. They also work with Crime Scene Officers – police who go to crime scenes to photograph and collect evidence.


Water Police and Search and Rescue

The outdoors is where the Search and Rescue and Water Police squads are at their best.

The Water Police coordinate marine search and rescue incidents and ensure anything occurring on the water is lawful. Search and Rescue Squad members have skills that enable them to rescue people lost or trapped in remote areas, in snow, the bush, on a mountain and even underwater.

Police interested in these jobs need a high level of fitness and swimming competence, and generally have a strong interest in outdoor activities.


Mounted Branch and Dog Squad

If animals are more your thing, the Mounted Branch or Dog Squad is probably the place for you. Members of these squads spend their working day getting the best out of their skilled partners – from tracking an offender to their hiding place, or managing a protest on horseback.

Good horse riding skills are preferred but police also receive training for the job to provide a reassuring presence in large crowds and access areas that vehicles can’t get into.

Nothing can duplicate the natural instincts and abilities of a dog to track a person or locate property and stories of man’s best friend saving the life of their human colleagues are endless.


Air Wing

Being able to catch a criminal from the air is a different perspective of policing. The Victoria Police Air Wing has tactical flight officers who navigate the helicopters and use state-of-the-art equipment to search large areas for what is often miniscule from the air.

The Air Wing provides an eye in the sky to search for missing people or fleeing offenders, tracking speeding cars and more.


Police Prosecutors

Prosecutors represent police and the community in court. They are responsible for prosecuting the majority of criminal cases and intervention order applications in the Magistrates’ and Children’s courts and also assist the Coroner in the Coroner’s Court. They handle about 250,000 cases every year and need to be quick-thinking and confident, have good attention to detail and an ability to work with a range of stakeholders.


Community policing 

You might have seen police visiting your school or at a local fete, talking to people and generally getting to know their locals. Community policing is an important part of the job as good relationships mean more reporting and confidence in police.

Police are also work with businesses, government and the community to provide advice on crime prevention methods and assist in reducing crime.


Sexual offences and child abuse teams

Detectives dedicated to providing the best response to victims of sexual offences and child abuse are trained in forensic interviewing and in understanding the complexities of these crimes.

They help victims through all stages of the investigation from reporting to court proceedings and work closely with other government agencies to support victims and make the process less stressful.


These positions require enthusiastic and committed members who can meet victims’ needs at an emotional and challenging time. Those who work in this field find strong satisfaction in helping others.


Highway Patrol

If policing the open road appeals to you, Highway Patrol could steer you in the right direction.

Highway Patrol is a specialist group of police who patrol Victoria’s roads to keep all road users safe. Their main purpose is to reduce lives lost and serious injury collisions by ensuring drivers are licensed, not exceeding the speed limit, not driving while distracted or impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Many of the police in the Highway Patrol have a good knowledge of cars and have been known to make significant drug busts and weapons hauls from searching a vehicle.


Covert policing

While we can’t tell you what they do or how they do it, covert policing has a great impact on major crime. It’s exciting work and highly important, and these stealthy police are usually behind the scenes of some of Victoria’s most recognised cases.


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