Goodbye and thankyou to the Victorian community

Thursday, 25 June 2020 at 12:51 am
Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton says thankyou to the Victorian community

As I come to the end of my term as Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, I’d like to say what an honour it has been to lead this great institution. Victoria Police has seen a lot of change over the last five years.

We’ve undertaken a significant program of reform and have become one of the most modern police forces in the world. Our members are better equipped than ever. With modern technology, equipment and vehicles, enabling them to respond to your safety demands more quickly and effectively. The community’s force has grown. As we’ve added more police, PSOs, technical and support staff and introduced Police Custody Officers.

We’ve also taken great steps to becoming a more diverse, inclusive and safe organisation. And we’ve increased the focus on the mental health of our people. While the resources and tools we have available to us might have changed, what has remained constant is the dedication of Victoria Police people to our core purpose - to serve the community, to keep you safe and to be there to help when you need it. The Victorian people play the most important role in how Victoria Police operates.

You help us understand our communities in all their diversity and work with us to address community safety issues, and on occasion, you challenge us and cause us to reflect on how we might do things.