National Police Remembrance Day 2023

National Police Remembrance Day is the day we honour those officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice, who've lost their lives in the line of duty. It's a sad day but it's a really proud day when we come together and we recognise that sacrifice.
To date, Victoria Police has lost 175 officers and it really does mean so much to us when we have the support of the public, when we come together as a policing family and we recognise the commitment these members have made.
This year's theme for National Police Remembrance Day is 'The Choice to Serve'. It's words I've used or very similar when I welcome recruits into the Police Academy. I say 'You've chosen to be one of a few protecting the many. You've chosen to uphold the right.'
National Police Remembrance Day means that those who've paid that sacrifice, because of that Choice to Serve, will be remembered. It's so important.
Having the public support us, show their trust, show they value us, they understand the risks we take to support society and help keep them safe, it really does show service means something. The fact the public value that, they value us, it means everything.