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Victoria Police Real Stories: Constable Katie Walker - School leavers

Constable Katie Walker

I think being in this career, helping the community, you feel a lot more connected. You understand more, I think, about the community and what they sort of need. 

So I graduated school in 2020. I genuinely did just want to help the community. 

I've done a lot of volunteer work throughout high school, and we did a lot of jobs assisting Vic Pol. And I was like, yeah, I think I want to be in their uniform. 

So after school I applied and I was pretty stoked when I got in a pretty young age. 

The support I received from senior officers in Victoria Police has been overwhelming, actually. 

When you first join, it's really daunting, but you walk in and everyone's just there to help you, like "g'day mate" "how are you going" "here's a computer if you need" "do you need help with anything?" "can I get you a coffee?"

One of the benefits working for Victoria Police is definitely the nine weeks of recreational leave we get. 

I'm definitely into my camping and 4x4, so getting that time off is great. 

I would say to someone who is considering a career with Victoria Police that if you're okay with doing your night shifts, and you shift work, and you're always up for a challenge, then you should definitely apply. 

You're all of a similar mindset. You're all here to do one job. You're all here because you care about the community and you want to put something back into that.

Keeps you on your feet, keeps you moving and going home and feeling fulfilled, that you've done something to help someone. 

Helping people and making a difference in people's lives. That actually means a lot to me.

Reviewed 14 December 2023