Meet Constable AJ Bounda

Wednesday, 23 August 2017 at 11:09 am
Meet Constable AJ Bounda
Meet Constable AJ Bounda

Constable AJ Bounda came to Australia as a refugee and has joined Victoria Police to help people and assist the community. 

Meet Constable AJ Bounda

“I came to Australia 13 years ago as a refugee and went to a public information session at the Victoria Police Academy. I thought ‘this is the job I want to do, I want to contribute and I want to bring to the fore the contribution of African Australians to Victoria and Australian society’. The very idea of helping people as well, that’s something I always thought about and there’s no better job than being a police officer.

As a general duties police officer you go
 from jobs such as locating a missing person to attending family violence incidents to apprehending offenders and preparing the paperwork for court. I learn every day, the
 job is diverse and you learn from experienced members.

I speak French and recently I went to an incident where I realised the man was French. He was speaking to my colleagues in English but it was easy for me to jump in in French and the first thing he said was ‘that’s fantastic Victoria Police employ people who speak French’. We were able to build a rapport and trust and it was a win, win situation.

It’s a really rewarding job, but you don’t do it because you expect something in return, you do it because you want to help people and it’s the best way to assist the community.”

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