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Missing persons

Explore current missing persons, resources and how to report a missing person to Victoria Police.

Victoria Police Missing Persons Squad investigates missing person cases aligned to their level of risk or who have disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

Reasons people go missing

People go missing for a number of reasons, including:

  • by their own choice
  • they are wanderers or absconders
  • they are suicidal
  • they have no choice – they are a victim of a crime, mishap or misadventure

When is a person considered missing?

In Australia, a person is considered missing when:

  • they are reported missing to police and their whereabouts are unknown; and
  • there are fears for the safety or concerns for the welfare of that person, including any person in an institution (not including a prison or goal).

Take a look at our list of missing personsExternal Link to see if you recognise a name or face, and let us know if you have any information that might help us solve a case.

Information and support

Resources, information and support for family and friends of missing persons can be explored on our information and support page.

Reports of missing people

Each year Victoria Police receives more than 8000 reports relating to a missing person. This equates to over 150 reports each week, with this figure increasing over recent years. Of those reported missing, about 44 percent are found within 48 hours. Most people reported missing will either be found safe and well or will have returned home and made contact with their friends or family.

Learn how to report a missing person.

Reviewed 01 August 2022

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