St Albans 13 February 2022


Control of Weapons Act 1990

DECLARATION OF DESIGNATED AREA UNDER SECTION 10D(1)Victoria Police Planned Operation in St Albans

The Assistant Commissioner, Transit and Public Safety Command, acting as a delegate of the Chief Commissioner of Police, under section 10D(1) of the Control of Weapons Act 1990, declares a designated area containing: St Albans Railway Station and CBD bounded by West Esplanade, McKechnie Street, Gratz Street, St Albans Road, Percy Street, Main Road East, View Street, Craigielea Avenue, Alfrieda Street, Alexina Street and Ruth Street, St Albans including but not restricted to all roadways, footpaths associated with stated road related areas.

(refer to map below)

Map of designated area

This declaration will operate on the 13th of February 2022 between 2.00 pm and 10.00 pm during these times members of the police force are authorised to exercise the following powers:

(a)        in a public place in the designated area, without warrant, stop and search for weapons:

(i)        any person;

(ii)       anything in the possession or control of the person;

(iii)      any vehicle with a person in or on the vehicle; and

(iv)      anything in or on such vehicle;

(b)       detain a person or vehicle for so long as is reasonably necessary to conduct a search;

(c)        seize and detain any item the member reasonably suspects is a weapon; and

(d)       request a person who is the subject of a full search to disclose his or her identity, and

(e)        direct a person to leave the designated area if the police officer reasonably believes the person is wearing the face covering primarily to

(i)        conceal their identity; or

(ii)       to protect them from the effects of a crowd control substance; and

the person refuses to remove the face covering when requested to do so.

(f)        direct the person to leave the designated area if the police officer reasonably believes the person intends to engage in conduct that would constitute an affray (s195H Crimes Act 1958) or violent disorder (s195I Crimes Act 1958).