Section 10I(3) Search Notice

Control of Weapons Act 1990

The public place area depicted on the map overleaf has been declared in writing to be a “designated area” by an Assistant Commissioner of Police under s10D (1) of the Control of Weapons Act 1990 (The Act).

That declaration is in place 18th August 2021.

Members of the Police Force are duly empowered under the Act to conduct limited searches of persons, things in the possession of that person or under the control of that person for weapons.

You and/or the things in your possession or under your control are within that public place and designated area.

A member of the police force intends to conduct a limited search of you or your things.

  • You are requested to co-operate with that search.
  • You may be requested to remove items of outer clothing such as headwear, scarves, jackets, etc.
  • You may be searched using an electronic wand.
  • You may be requested to remove items from any bags or pockets.
  • You may be given a “pat down” search.

It is an offence under the Act to obstruct or hinder a member of the Police Force in the exercise of a power to stop and search a person.

Map showing the designated area around the Sunshine Railway Station

Declaration of a designated area under s10D (1) of the Control of Weapons Act, 1990, incorporating Sunshine Railway Station and surrounding designated railway carparks, bounded by Sun Cres (South), City Place (South), Foundry Road (North), Hampshire Road (North), Hertford Road (North), Neil Street (East), Kennedy Street (East) Martin Street (East), Station Place (South East), Derby Road(South), Grantham Street (West), Harvester Road (West) and, including all roadways and footpaths associated with the stated road and road related areas.