The Assistant Commissioner, Transit and Public Safety Command, acting as a delegate of the Chief Commissioner of Police under section 10D(1) of the Control of Weapons Act 1990, declares as a designated area in Sunshine bounded by Dickson Street (North), Station Place (East), City Place (South), Sun Crescent (West) and Watt Street (North West) including all roadways and footpaths associated with the stated road and road related areas

(Road has the same meaning as in Section 3 of the Road Safety Act 1986.)

Image of operation in Sunshine

This declaration will operate on the 28th of November 2019, between 1000hrs and 1800hrs during which time members of the police force are authorised to exercise the following powers:

(a) in a public place in the designated area, without warrant, stop and search for weapons:

     (i) any person;

     (ii) any thing in the possession

          or control of the person;

    (iii)any vehicle with a person in or on the vehicle; and

    (iv) any thing in or on such vehicle

(b) detain a person or vehicle for so long as is reasonably necessary to conduct a search

(c)seize and detain any item the member reasonably suspects is a weapon, and

(d)request a person who is the subject of a full search to disclose his or her identity.