Debbie Bunworth

$1 million reward

Wednesday, 10 June 2015 at 2:42 am
Debbie Bunworth.

Announced June 2015

Victoria Police have announced a $1 million reward for information surrounding the murder of Debbie Bunworth.

Debbie Lorraine Bunworth was last seen alive at the Newport Railway Station on Friday 6 September 1985. 

Her brother dropped her at the station after she attended at his Werribee home to borrow some clothes from his wife earlier in the day. 

Despite an extensive police investigation, the 24-year-old woman has not been seen since. 

Debbie was a known drug user who frequented the St Kilda area. 

At the time of her disappearance she had committed to making a better life for herself and her ten-year-old daughter and had put things in place to help with her addiction. 

An inquest was held on 27 May 2003 where the Coroner’s finding was Debbie was a victim of foul play by an unknown assailant(s). 

Homicide Squad detectives recently received information from a number of sources in South Australia which identified a person of interest to the investigation. 

As a result of that information investigators travelled to Adelaide this week and spoke to that person. 

The investigation into this information is continuing and Commander Doug Fryer is hoping the announcement of the reward will encourage further people to come forward. 

“For nearly thirty years Debbie’s loved ones have been wondering what happened to her and we are hoping that the announcement of this reward will give those who know the incentive to pick up the phone and make that crucial call to crime stoppers,” he said. 

“There are people out there who know what happened to Debbie and we want them to think about Debbie’s daughter, and the pain she has lived with for all these years 

“We believe we are close to solving this investigation, but we just need a little bit more help, I am appealing to those who have some information to show some compassion and tell us what happened.”

A reward of up to one million dollars ($1,000,000) will be paid at the discretion of the Chief Commissioner of Police, for information leading to the apprehension and subsequent conviction of the person or persons responsible for the death of Debbie Bunworth.

The Director of Public Prosecutions will consider, according to established guidelines, the granting of indemnification from prosecution to any person who provides information as to the identity of the principal offender or offenders in this matter.

Any information given will be treated as confidential and may be given at any time to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or the Homicide Cold Case and Missing Persons Squad, 313 Spencer Street, West Melbourne on (03) 8690 2606 during business hours.