Jenny Rose Ng

$1 million reward

Wednesday, 31 October 2018 at 10:00 pm

Announced 2018

Victoria Police has announced a $1 million reward for information to help solve the murder of Jenny Rose Ng in 1982.

Police were called to Jenny’s Elizabeth Street flat on Friday, 23 April after she was found dead by her two daughters.

The girls, aged nine and seven at the time, returned home from school for lunch about 12.30pm and located their mother lying on the lounge room floor.

She had been stabbed a significant number of times.

Their sister, aged 11 months at the time, was in a bassinet in her mother’s bedroom unharmed.

The pair then ran to a neighbour’s property to raise the alarm and police were called.

Jenny was last seen alive by her daughters and her son, who was 11-years-old at the time, that morning when she helped them get ready for school.

They all left the flat about 8.30am, leaving their mother with their youngest sister.

Detectives established that a male entered Jenny’s flat approximately 10.30am on the day she was killed.

Investigators are confident that this person may have known Jenny and ultimately may have been involved in her murder.

To date, this person has not been identified.

Jenny was 39-years-old at the time of her death and was described as a devoted mother to her children and a dutiful daughter to her parents.

She had separated from her husband at the time of her death.

Jenny’s family was originally from Hong Kong, however were now living close by in Kew.

Extensive inquiries have been made over the past 36 years, all information received was investigated and a number of people have been interviewed in relation to Jenny Rose’s death however detectives have been unable to solve the case.

In September 1982 the State Government posted a $50,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the person or persons responsible for her death.

In 2018, police increased that reward to up to $1 million.

Detectives are hopeful that, whilst almost 40 years after her death, someone will be able to provide information about who was responsible for Jenny’s murder and why.

Police have also released several photos of Jenny as part of this renewed appeal.

A reward of up to $1M will be paid at the discretion of the Chief Commissioner of Police, for information leading to the apprehension and subsequent conviction of the person or persons responsible for the death of Jenny Rose Ng.

The Director of Public Prosecutions will consider, according to established guidelines, the granting of indemnification from prosecution to any person who provides information as to the identity of the principal offender or offenders in this matter.