Victoria Police podcast: Distinction

Tales of courage from inside Victoria Police.

Victoria Police's Distinction Podcast is a four-part series. In this podcast, we share stories of bravery from inside the job, and the price that comes with it. 

This podcast explores topics such a post-traumatic stress disorder. If you feel impacted by the discussion, help and support is available. 

Contact Lifeline on 13 11 14, or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 46 36.

Victoria Police employees and their families can access further support by contacting Wellbeing Services, on 1300 090 995.

About the Distinction Podcast

Distinction is hosted by journalist Justin Smith, alongside retired Superintendent Peter O’Neill.

They share stories of police officers, and members of the public, that have shown extreme courage in some of the most dangerous situations. 

Episode 1: Mick Pratt

On the morning of 4 June 1976, three masked and armed men entered a bank. Constable Mick Pratt was off-duty and unarmed when he saw the men.

Listen to hear about how his quick thinking and devotion to duty led him to single-handedly face three criminals.

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Episode 2: Brendan Bannan

On the evening of Friday 3 February 1978, two masked and armed men entered a Target store in Reservoir. Detective Brendan Bannan was off-duty and in the store at the time.

Brendan shares how he had to remain calm and assess the situation the best he could, all while the robbers held a gun at him.


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Episode 3: Aimee Milne and Edward Barnett

Aimee Milne

In 1936, civilian Aimee Milne made the ultimate sacrifice when she was killed by bombs that were intended to murder her husband, Detective Sergeant Fred Milne. 

Listen to why she became the first ever non-police officer to receive the prestigious Victoria Police Star.

Edward Barnett

On Monday 1 February 1858, Constable Edward Barnett was shot while trying to arrest a robber. The robber also shot a civilian Charles Lopez.

Listen to how this incident affected the community, and caused a meeting of 1500 miners and diggers to riot.

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Episode 4: Pauline Williams

Pauline Williams shares her story of confronting an armed robber in a parking lot in 1997. Alongside Constable Matthew Neilson, the robber pointed his gun towards Pauline.

She reflects on her experiences of that day. She continues to share with new recruits on how to manage the consequences of the role. 

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