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The Youth Gang Strategy is an integrated, whole-of-Victoria Police response to the specific problem of youth gangs and networked youth offenders.

The strategy forms part of a broader strategic response to youth gang activity and serious criminal activity across Victoria and nationally.

The Youth Gang Strategy sits alongside other similar strategies in Victoria Police including the Victoria Police Drug Strategy, the Victoria Police Cybercrime Strategy and the Victoria Police Illicit Firearms Strategy.

Our approach to policing youth gangs will also be complemented by the Victorian Government Youth Strategy and the Victoria Police Youth Strategy.

As the overarching strategic document, the Serious and Organised Crime (SOC) Strategy informs and guides Victoria Police’s response to youth gangs.

Youth gang offending occurs on a continuum of harm. While some groups may only participate in low-level crimes such as retail theft, others may suddenly commit serious and violent crimes.

The Youth Gang Strategy clarifies Victoria Police’s response across the continuum of offending and integrates national, state and local frameworks and resources.

Serious and Organised Crime Strategy 2022-2025

  • Victoria Police Drug Strategy 2020-2025
  • Victoria Police Illicit Firearms Strategy 2022-2025
  • Victoria Police Cybercrime Strategy 2022-2027
  • Victoria Police Youth Gang Strategy 2023-2026

Reviewed 27 July 2023

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