Strategic priority: Report

Victoria police will simplify and streamline the process for reporting cybercrime.

Victoria Police understands that many individuals, families and businesses are reluctant to report a cybercrime to police.

The processes for reporting and investigation can at times be unclear or difficult to navigate, so we are committed to making these easier to access and use.

Our role

Victoria Police will make reporting cybercrime easier for all Victorians.

We will equip our frontline and specialists with the knowledge, skills and protocols they need to provide a consistent service to cybercrime victims.

We will continue to work with our national partners to make online reporting easier.

    We will...

    • Reform the way Victoria Police reports, records, triages and actions cybercrime.
    • Work with our key federal and state law enforcement, government, non-government and industry partners to ensure Victorians can easily understand how to report cybercrime.
    • Ensure that when Victorians report a cybercrime they are provided clear information on how Victoria Police or our interstate police partners will respond.
    • Develop and implement consistent protocols for responding to reports of cybercrime, centrally and locally, online and in-person.
    • Work with our partners to develop official crime statistics for cybercrime. Public crime statistics will let the Victorian Government and community know how much cybercrime affects Victorians and show our progress against our mission.
    • Leverage Victoria Police data to identify, communicate, prevent and target cybercrime trends.

    So that...

    • Victorians know how to and can easily report cybercrime.
    • Victoria Police efficiently and consistently respond to reports of cybercrime, supporting better victim service delivery experiences and outcomes.
    • Victim liaison, and communication following a report is efficient, consistent and meets community expectations.

    What will success look like?

    • Victoria Police responds to cybercrime reports efficiently and consistently according to victim type.
    • Victorians are clear about Victoria Police’s or our interstate police partner’s response.
    • Victoria Police is able to respond to emerging challenges through the use of enhanced intelligence to identify trends in reporting.