Cybercrime Strategy 2022–2027

11 Nov 2022

Message from the Deputy Commissioner

Technology is central to the way we live our lives. Technology also has an impact on the frequency and reach of many crimes.

Cybercrime is a broad term used to describe crimes against computers such as hacking and any other crime enabled by technology, such as online scams and child exploitation.

Most often, police respond to crimes that involve technology in some way. Technology has changed the landscape of when, where and how crimes are committed.

The Victoria Police Cybercrime Strategy 2022–2027 will guide Victoria Police as it builds capability and works with strategic partners and the community to meet the challenges and impacts of cybercrime.

Victoria Police remains unwavering in its commitment to minimising the impact that cyber-dependent and technology-enabled crime have on the Victorian community. That is why we have deepened our understanding of the harms cybercrime can have on individuals, families, businesses, industry and government in Victoria.

This strategy outlines our role and priorities in preventing and responding to cybercrime now and into the future.

Our objective is to work together to build a cyber safe and secure Victoria. A cyber safe and secure Victoria means all Victorians, including individuals, families, businesses, community groups, critical infrastructure and essential services, and government are safe to connect, engage and do business online.

To realise this, we will modernise the way we work across the organisation to prevent, detect, disrupt and investigate cybercrime, and support victims when they report a cybercrime.

We will renew our focus on preventing cybercrime through community awareness and disruption, and will continue to enhance our specialist capabilities in cybercrime law enforcement.

We will maintain our collaborative work with our partners— including law enforcement agencies, government and industry—and build capability to better respond to existing and emerging cybercrime threats facing Victorians.

Victoria Police is not alone in tackling the large, complex and fast-moving threat that cybercrime presents. Alongside our strategy is a detailed action plan.

We will actively invest in our capacity and capability to deliver outcomes for the Victorian community. We can and will do more to reduce the harm from cybercrime across Victoria.

Ross Guenther
Deputy Commissioner, Public Safety and Security

Decorative photo of Ross Guenther, Deputy Commissioner, Public Safety and Security, Victoria Police. He is smiling and in Victoria Police Dress Uniform