Corporate governance

Learn about the structure and responsibilities of the Victoria Police Executive Command and where we fit into the structure of the Victorian Government.

Chief Commissioner

Victoria Police is headed by Chief Commissioner Shane Patton and is part of the broader Department of Justice and Regulation portfolio.

The Chief Commissioner of Police (CCP) reports directly to the Minister for Police, the Hon. Anthony Carbines MP.

He also works closely with the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence (the Hon. Ros Spence MP), the Minister for Roads and Road Safety (the Hon. Melissa Horne MP), and the Attorney-General (the Hon. Jaclyn Symes MP).

Corporate governance

Victoria Police Executive Command is responsible for setting the strategic direction of Victoria Police.

They monitor organisational performance, determine key priorities and risks, and manage organisational capacity and capability. Executive Command is comprised of the Chief Commissioner of Police, four Deputy Commissioners and two Deputy Secretaries.

Victoria Police Command discuss significant community and organisational issues. Members of the Command are made up of:

  • the Chief Commissioner
  • Deputy Commissioners
  • Deputy Secretaries
  • Executive Directors
  • Assistant Commissioners
  • Commanders
  • Directors. 

For more information regarding corporate governance and the roles and membership of committees refer to the Victoria Police Annual Report 2021-2022.