VicPol Corporate

The Victoria Police Crime Command's role is to conduct high level specialist investigations to detect, disrupt and prevent serious and organised crime.

Crime Command's key goals are to:

  • minimise the harm caused to the Victorian community by serious and organised crime
  • create a hostile environment for crime
  • increase community confidence in our ability to prevent and reduce crime
  • develop and build our investigative standards, capability and response

Crime Command's Core responsibilities are to:

  • Prevent crime from occurring through early, intelligence-led detection; forecasting emerging crime themes; developing multi-agency strategies for target hardening and crime reduction; increasing community awareness.
  • Detect and stop offenders through a swift and effective investigative response; proactive investigations; and through working in partnership with other law enforcement agencies, industry and the community.
  • Reduce the likelihood and incidence of crime and repeat victimisation through incapacitation of individuals and networks, successful convictions and legislative reform for tougher penalties
  • Disrupt repeat offenders through targeted operations that focus on prolific and career criminals and active end-to-end involvement in prosecutions to achieve successful criminal justice outcomes
  • Strengthen the safeguards against crime through increasing community engagement and resilience building, evaluating interventions – locally and globally – to identify best practice and providing a continual visible presence and messaging

Future focus and priorities

Crime Command's focus and priorities are:

  • investigative focus high level and organised crime by targeting individuals and organisations listed on the National and Regional Criminal Target List
  • investigative focus on gangs, particularly outlaw motorcycle gangs
  • investigative focus on homicides, firearms related crime and other violent crime
  • continued investigative focus on illicit drugs, particularly those causing the greatest harm to the community (methamphetamine)
  • investigative response to sex offences and child exploitation, including cold-case investigations into unsolved homicides and serious sex offences
  • security
  • resourcing of sensitive task forces
  • regional support – supporting Regions with their investigative response to serious crime and organised crime
  • capability development – building our organisational capability to deal with family violence, sex offences and child abuse, cybercrime, financial crime, unexplained wealth and criminal proceeds
  • crime reduction – working in partnership with industry and other key stakeholders to develop Crime reduction strategies, particularly in the areas of financial fraud, retail and vehicle theft, and online child exploitation

Reviewed 13 March 2019