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What is a contact card?

A contact card is a new resource that Police and Protective Services Officers can use to provide their details and information on support services to members of the community.

What information is included on the card?

  • Police or protective Services Officer's name, work area, the date and time
  • how to access the victims of crime helpline, translation and interpreter services
  • how to provide a compliment or complaint about the services you received

In what circumstances might I receive a contact card?

Police and Protective Services Officers may use the contact card in a wide range of interactions with community. For example, they can provide you with information on who you spoke with, when this occurred and what it related to.

They may also include information to assist you with further enquiries or support. For example: you may be witness or victim of a crime and need to provide further details to Police or a Protective Services Officer about the incident at a later stage.

In what circumstances can I ask police or Protective Services Officers for their contact details?

If a Police or Protective Services Officer asks you for your name and address, you are also entitled to ask them for their details. You can ask for their name, their rank and the police station where they work. You can request these details in writing. Depending on the situation, police may use a contact card to write their details.

For more information about speaking to police, see: Victorian Legal Aid's Police powers: Your rights in Victoria

What should I do if I receive a contact card?

The contact card is a record of your interaction with Victoria Police. It is not a legal document and you are not required to keep it.

Why is Victoria Police introducing contact cards?

Victoria Police is introducing the contact card as part of its commitment to transparent and accountable policing.

The card provides Police and Protective Services Officers a more professional resource to provide community members with a record of their interaction with police, assisting them to access services, make further enquiries or to provide information to police.

What consultation has taken place to develop the contact card?

Victoria Police spoke with community stakeholders, police officers and Protective Services Officers to understand how interactions between police and members of the public could be improved.

These stakeholders helped to shape thinking around what information to include on the card, considerations around design and raising awareness amongst community.

Victoria Police contact card
Victoria Police contact card

Victoria Police contact card in easy English

Reviewed 08 April 2019