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February 2023

Message from Deputy Commissioner Neil Paterson

As the Executive Sponsor of Victoria Police CALD employee networks and the CALD Council (VP CALD Council) it is my pleasure to present the second Victoria Police CALD inclusion action plan.

Victoria Police is proud to have a multicultural workplace, rich with people from different faiths, who speak different languages and have different ethnic backgrounds.

Our employee networks cover people with Sikh, African (VICPOLAEN), Jewish (VPJN), Muslim, and Hellenic faiths and cultures and we recently launched a Women of Colour Network. This diversity in our workforce helps us to respond to the needs of Victoria’s diverse community.

The 2021 Census tells us that Victoria is the most multicultural state in Australia and that 30 percent of Victorians speak a language other than English in their homes. That is why our CALD employees make such a valuable contribution to Victoria Police’s service to the community.

Victoria Police began formally documenting our plans for a more culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) workforce in 2018 with the release of the Victoria Police CALD Inclusion Action Plan 2018–2021.

In our quest to create a workplace that is free from bias, where all employees feel valued and safe, we laid out an ambitious number of actions to achieve by 2021. I am proud that we have made some strides in this area, through actions like establishing the VP CALD Council, a Sikh Employee Network and the recent Women of Colour Network.

Our employee networks bring employees from CALD backgrounds together to build confidence, create a sense of belonging, and celebrate days of cultural significance.

They advocate for policies and strategies that support the health and wellbeing of our employees and they provide our organisation with the knowledge and resources we need to attract more people from CALD communities to work for Victoria Police and strengthen our policing services for all Victorians.

It is vital that we attract more employees of CALD heritage to work for Victoria Police.

As we build a dynamic and safe workplace for employees of all backgrounds, it is up to all of us to support and promote the voices of our CALD employees so that every employee feels safe to speak-up against race-based discrimination and harassing behaviour.

I would like to thank all past and present CALD employees and allies who have contributed to the development of this CALD action plan to make the cultural change we need to create a truly inclusive workplace culture.

Neil Paterson APM
Deputy Commissioner, Victoria Police
Executive Champion

About the Victoria Police CALD Inclusion Action Plan 2023-2024

The Victoria Police CALD Inclusion Action Plan 2023–2024 is part of the Victoria Police Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Framework 2023–2030 (Framework).

Acknowledgement statement

  • Victoria Police respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the country throughout Victoria.

    We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging and continue to recognise and embrace the fact that Aboriginal People are connected to the oldest, continuous culture and history.

  • Victoria Police proudly acknowledges the First Peoples of Victoria and their ongoing strength in practicing the world’s oldest living culture.

    We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands and waters on which we live and work and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

    We acknowledge the invaluable contributions of all those who have paved the way and fought for the rights of Aboriginal people, including the right to Self-Determination.

    We recognise the continuing leadership of the Victorian Aboriginal community and our employees, who have contributed and paved the way, to creating a more inclusive and culturally safe workplace.

    In the spirit of Self-Determination, Victoria Police is committed to strengthening our partnership with the Victorian Aboriginal community, as we continue to embrace diversity and equity across our organisation.

  • Language is a powerful tool for promoting inclusion, shifting attitudes and combating negative stereotypes.

    We know that language is constantly evolving and we recognise that people from CALD backgrounds have different preferences for how they describe their heritage, ethnicity, race and culture.

    A person’s cultural and linguistic diversity cannot be determined or summarised simply by one measure.

    Victoria Police acknowledges the principles and basis for self-identity theory and that social self-identification is vital for improving the holistic wellbeing, health and safety of employees of CALD heritage.

    Victoria Police continues to promote workplace practices that encourage employees to self-identify.1

    1 Leary M.R. and Tangney J.P. 2012, Handbook of Self and identity: Self, Self-Concept and Identity. Ch 4 pp 69-104. The Guilford Press (New York & London) 2nd Ed.

Reviewed 22 March 2023

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