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The evaluation of the 2018–2021 CALD strategy and action plan provided critical insights into where we need to improve and where our efforts must be focused to continue our work towards an inclusive workforce. The evaluation and our benchmarking exercises found areas requiring focus to improve our capability:

Capability development

Capability uplift is needed for all staff across the organisation, particularly for recruitment teams, supervisors and managers.

Career development opportunities for CALD employees

  • CALD employees would benefit from greater consideration in career development frameworks throughout the employee lifecycle.
  • The CALD mentoring program needs stronger support for its implementation.

Workplace safety

Safety must be a key area of focus.

There must be accountability for those who choose to use racism and religious discrimination to enact workplace harm.

There is also an opportunity to improve our cultural awareness and understanding within our response to workplace harm.


There is insufficient governance and authorising frameworks to monitor progress and to support access and inclusion.

At a strategic level, each evaluation pointed to the need for our next plan to be more targeted in its approach to actions and what the organisation can achieve over the lifecycle of the plan.

A smaller number of targeted actions will make a greater impact when tied to relevant and specific outcomes. This approach will also provide for a greater emphasis on ongoing monitoring, evaluation and learning.

Reviewed 26 February 2023

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