Victoria Police Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Framework 2023-2030

27 Feb 2023

Message from Chief Commissioner Shane Patton

I am proud to introduce the Victoria Police Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Framework 2023–2030 (Framework).

This Framework reaffirms the commitment Victoria Police made in 2017, in our first diversity and inclusion framework, to create a workplace that is safe and inclusive of all our people.

We aim to attract and welcome more people from diverse backgrounds to join Victoria Police so that our workforce increasingly reflects the range of backgrounds and experience we find in the community. We must do this if we are to provide service delivery excellence to the whole community.

Changing our workforce composition and our culture takes a conscious effort from us all to seek to know better, and to do better.

I pledge that any form of discrimination in Victoria Police will not be tolerated, and I will ensure every one of our leaders and employees are supported in delivering this pledge.

We have made progress towards ensuring safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces exist across Victoria Police.

We will continue to improve by creating and supporting workplace cultures that value challenging conversations about the way we work and support each other.

Victoria Police is only as good as our people. To have the best workplace we must support our people to reach their full potential without discrimination or barriers.

I am confident that this framework and the set of action plans for its implementation will expand our understanding of our people’s needs and create positive change.

Shane Patton APM
Chief Commissioner, Victoria Police

Decorative photo of Shane Patton, APM Chief Commissioner, Victoria Police. He is smiling and in Victoria Police Dress Uniform.

About the Victoria Police Diversity and Inclusion Framework 2023–2030

The Victoria Police Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Framework 2022–2030 informs the action we take through plans including the:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Inclusion Action Plan (coming soon)
  • Access and Inclusion Action Plan
  • CALD Inclusion Action Plan
  • LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Action Plan.

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