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Monitoring and evaluating our progress

This Framework and the program logic are supported by a monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) framework.

The program logic demonstrates the outcomes that are required to progress Victoria Police along the inclusion continuum from reactive to inclusive. Each action plan will progress these outcomes through targeted supportive actions.

A dedicated MEL for each action plan will monitor the progress of the actions against their key milestones and performance indicators to inform the next iteration of action plans.

Planning, implementation and evaluation cycle

Diversity and Inclusion Framework -Planning, implementation and evaluation cycle
Planning, implementation and evaluation cycle

Action plan: The Action Plan provides the details of the areas we will be focusing on with our partners.

Implementation and monitoring: We will continually monitor our program of works to make sure we are heading in the right direction.

Evaluation: We have the opportunity to evaluate our efforts and to adjust, if necessary, our program of works.

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Reviewed 26 February 2023

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