Where do we want to be?

Inclusion Continuum

The Diversity and Inclusion Program Logic (Appendix 1) provides a schematic representation of how Victoria Police will work towards a truly diverse workplace and inclusive organisation. The program logic will provide the strategic framework to map future progress through targeted outcomes and action plans.

The program logic sets out how we will progress along the Inclusion Continuum, a visual model, which was recently updated to identify five stages on a development continuum. Each stage describes the diversity and inclusion consciousness and culture of an organisation regarding diversity and inclusion.8

The 2017–2020 Diversity and Inclusion Framework used the Inclusion Continuum as a measure of our organisational progress on our journey to becoming an inclusive organisation.

In 2017, we considered that as an organisation we were between the compliant (recently updated to be named reactive) and proactive phases of the continuum. This was based on the organisation’s level of confidence and capability within diversity and inclusion.9

Following the evaluations of the 2018–2021 action plans and the organisation’s performance in the People Matter Survey an updated assessment of Victoria Police’s progress against the updated definitions of the inclusion continuum was conducted. In 2021 Victoria Police remained within the reactive to proactive range.

Each diversity portfolio will undertake a similar journey along the program logic outcomes. However, each portfolio will likely start to display the inclusive characteristics outlined in the program logic at different times. Victoria Police has developed individualised action plans for each diversity portfolio in recognition that each will need unique support to ensure maturity along the inclusion continuum.

Inclusion Continuum

10 For further explanation see Appendix 3: Definitions of the inclusion continuum stages.

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Outcomes creating an inclusive organisation

A diverse workplace and inclusive organisation

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While the path to inclusion may appear linear, each outcome has a ripple effect across all outcomes.

We will build an inclusive organisation through a deliberate and evidence-based focus on these outcomes:

Progressive outcomes for Victoria Police

Inclusion is embedded in the cultural identity of Victoria Police

Victoria Police has undergone the journey of understanding the benefits of a diverse workforce and leaders and employees have driven inclusion within their workplaces.

A diverse workforce is embedded and celebrated within modern policing culture, making Victoria Police an organisation of choice for diverse people.

Leaders proactively create and sustain inclusive workplaces

Leaders understand the benefits of diversity and how they can improve performance and wellbeing, incorporating this into their leadership practices.

Leaders will be empowered to proactively create inclusive workplaces through clear organisational expectations, underpinned by innovative policy, practice, systems and training uplift.

Fit-for-purpose data metrics will ensure workplace leaders are owning and driving diversity and inclusion by providing equal access to rights, responsibilities, and opportunities.

Diverse employees feel empowered at work

By strengthening the content and delivery of our policies, practices and training, all employees feel empowered to make choices about their work and career, free from discrimination or backlash.

Diversity within our culture is celebrated and the benefits of inclusive workplaces is understood. This provides the environment for diverse employees to feel empowered, supported and celebrated within their workplaces.

Employees have confidence in our response to discriminatory workplace harm

Through the progress of this framework Victoria Police will establish strong accountability in the removal of workplace harm and discrimination.

Behavioural expectations will be firmly established, ensuring the removed of discrimination or bias in the creation of an equal workforce.

Employees will know that reports of workplace discrimination or harm will be swiftly addressed through a victim-centric approach with fair and effective outcomes.

Discriminatory workplace harm is minimised

Through primary prevention strategies this framework aims to create a culture and environment that is hostile to perpetrators of workplace harm and discrimination.

When it does occur, we will ensure a comprehensive victim-centric response is enacted to prevent continued harm and hold perpetrators to account.

The diversity of Victoria Police strengthens effective police response to the community

By creating a modern police force, one that acknowledges past histories and provides the systemic and cultural organisational reform required to create a safe workplace for diverse communities, Victoria Police can attract a workforce as diverse as the Victorian community.

With enhanced diversity we can better understand and respond to community needs, promoting community trust in policing responses.

Inclusive outcomes for Victoria Police

A diverse workforce and an inclusive organisation

Our end goal of a diverse workforce and an inclusive organisation is defined by the following outcomes:

Victoria Police champions inclusion

As a leader in diversity and inclusion, our organisation will attract employees who have a contemporary understanding of a modern police officer.

The strength of our culture will ensure new employees subscribe to our equality values and drive a safe and respectful future.

Leaders harness diversity and inclusion to achieve organisational results

Leaders at all levels of the organisation take ownership and proactively sustain diversity and inclusion.

Leaders drive progress in their departments, commands, regions, divisions, stations and within their teams.

Employees feel valued and have a true sense of belonging

All employees will come to work and feel safe, included and respected.

Victoria Police’s culture is one of community and values diversity within our workplace.

Protected attributes are considered in all policy, procedure and decision-making, placing employee wellbeing at the heart of our organisation.

The community has trust in our response to diverse communities

With a strong employer brand, Victoria Police progresses the notion of policing as a profession that embraces differences.

The community will have trust in a safe and respectful policing response for people from diverse communities.

With greater accessibility to an enhanced police response, victims feel confident in seeking police assistance.

8 B. Jones and Michael Brazzel 2014, The NTL Handbook of Organization Development and Change: Principles, Practices, and Perspectives.
9 Please note since 2018 Dr. Angela Workman-Stark has improved the definitions within the Inclusion Continuum to better align to evidence-based
diversity and inclusion standards. The previous Inclusion Continuum (2018) included 6 pillars: exclusive, passive, compliant, proactive, redefining and inclusive. Please see the 2018–2021 Diversity and Inclusion Framework for expanded definitions.
10 For further explanation see Appendix 3: Definitions of the inclusion continuum stages.