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Youth initiatives and programs

Victoria Police is committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of young people throughout the state. Growing up is challenging.

Young people generally feel overwhelmed by the pressures placed on them by different groups within society. Friends and family particularly, have expectations that often conflict.

Everyday, police see the impact that this has on young people. It is a responsibility of police to take positive steps to address some of the problems Victoria's youth face in society.

Youth Resource Officer

The Youth Resource Officer program is a policing youth framework that increases the capacity of police to deal with police and youth issues; meeting the needs of modern policing, operational police, the local community and government.

Youth Resource Officers are assigned to Local Government Areas.

Youth programs

Specifically, the youth programs developed by Victoria Police encourage them to engage in positive social interaction. The activities are safe, as well as drug and alcohol-free.

Victoria Police Youth Corps (VPYC)

VPYC operates throughout government schools and offers students in years nine and ten the opportunity to undertake a two-year school based program in partnership with Victoria Police.

Reviewed 20 November 2019