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Equality is not the same

Learn about the Victoria Police Equality is not the same report, which included an action plan to improve responsiveness to diverse communities.

The Equality is not the same report (the Report) was released by Victoria Police in December 2013. As the name of the Report suggests, equality (treating people the same) is not the same as equity (treating people fairly).

The Report included a three-year action plan to improve police’s responsiveness to diverse communities, strengthening community trust and confidence.


In February 2013, after settling an Australian Federal Court allegation of racial profiling, Victoria Police issued a statement pledging that it would investigate its treatment of ethnic groups. Victoria Police agreed to:

 (1) Engage community opinion in, and undertake examination of:

  • Policy and data collection on field contacts; and
  • Cross cultural training of Victoria Police employees

(2) Publish a public report on the results and actions arising from the examination by 31 December 2013.

Victoria Police embeds policies, guidelines and processes into all elements of the organisation to reinforce cultural awareness and human rights in all decision making and practices.

Equality is not the same – phase one (years one, two and three)

Victoria Police is committed to treating every member of community they encounter with dignity and respect.

During Phase One of Equality is not the same (2014-16), Victoria Police reviewed and reformed a number of policies and processes to improve its service delivery. Victoria Police also piloted and reviewed some programs and enriched its training methods.

Equality is not the same – phase two (years four, five and six)

The focus of Phase Two of Equality is not the same (2017-2020) will be the continued implementation and demonstration of change. The next three years will bring an opportunity for Victoria Police to continue improving internal education, policies and processes and foster its relationships with employees and stakeholders to:

  • identify
  • measure and
  • demonstrate sustainable reform.


Reviewed 23 June 2021


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