VicPol Corporate

Contractors, service providers and security clearances

Businesses and contractors wanting to engage in works with Victoria Police are required to undertake the contractor vetting process in order to be security cleared to work on site.

Each employee of the business who will be working onsite is required to complete the four following forms:

  • Section A – this section is prefilled for the applicant
  • Section B – applicants personal details
  • Section C – applicant is only required to fill in current residential address
  • Section D – this section is prefilled for the applicant
  • Section E – applicant is required to supply company name in option 1
  • Section G – applicant must provide 100 points of ID which needs to be certified by a JP or Police Officer

The use of this national police check form is strictly for Victoria Police Properties Contractors. Do not use this form for any other police-checking purposes. Using this form for other purposes may result in additional costs incurred for resubmission and delays to the police-checking process.

This form is periodically updated. Always download the latest version.

Once the forms are completed they must be scanned and emailed through to the Contractor Coordinator at

Once your application has been processed by the Security team they will email you to confirm that you can proceed to booking a fingerprint appointment.

Once the outcome has been received the Contractor Coordinator will contact you to complete the remainder of the vetting process.

If you require more information or further assistance please send an email or contact the Properties Contractor Help Desk on 9247 1500.

As of 1 July 2018 the cost of Fingerprinting and a National Name Check has increased. Prices are subject to change as of 1 July every year.

  • Fingerprint and National Name Check – $186.40
  • National Name Check – $47.70

Reviewed 25 March 2019