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Following the 75th anniversary celebration of women in policing it became evident it was necessary to cater for the individual needs of women in Victoria Police and provide a way for past and present women police members to communicate, and have social contact with each other.

Some of the anniversary committee gathered together, serving and retired members, and in October 1993, the Past and Present Police Women Police Association (PPWPA) was formed.

With the number of sworn and unsworn women in Victoria increasing, membership of the association was expanded to include all women in Victoria Police, and women who work together with PPWPA members.

What are the aims of the PPWPA?

  • to promote continuing friendship and support between serving and retired members of women police in Victoria and elsewhere
  • to assist with the coordination of educational seminars and conferences pertinent to issues and problems faced by women
  • to provide financial support for the Angela Taylor Memorial Trust and for any other purposes deemed appropriate – a special fund has been set up to encourage members to stay active by participating in a sport or hobby
  • to legitimately protect and advance the interests of its members

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the PPWPA?

As well as expanding women's professional and personal network, PPWPA members:

  • discounts on selected ticket purchases to selected theatre nights and social events
  • receive The Women Police Post quarterly newsletter
  • apply for a subsidy to offset the cost of being involved in a sporting endeavour or hobby, with a limit of $50 per applicant per financial year


  • President - Detective Senior Sergeant Janet Mitchell on 9247 5520
  • Secretary - Wendy Cowling (Retired) on 0411 146 048
  • Membership Secretary - Val Homan via email at
  • Email:

Mailing Address:
C/- Wendy Cowling
PO Box 104
Sandringham, VIC 3191

Donations and fundraising

PPWPA does not and will not solicit donations. Our goal is not fundraising. Our goal is simply to promote continuing friendship and support between serving and retired members of women police in Victoria and elsewhere

PPWPA encourages businesses to use caution when approached for donations or advertising. If you believe you have provided money or information to an organisation falsely representing the PPWPA or its members, you should contact your local police station.If you believe a magazine, advertising sales or fundraising call is not legitimate, visit the Victoria Police - Reporting Fraud pages or contact SCAMwatch

Reviewed 13 March 2019