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VEOHRC review

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission Review

Victoria Police commissioned the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) to undertake an independent review to examine sex discrimination and sexual harassment including predatory behaviour in Victoria Police. For more information about the review visit the VEOHRC website

Following the release of the Report in December 2015 by VEOHRC, the Chief Commissioner formally acknowledged the harm done to many Victoria Police employees, accepting all 20 recommendations. He made clear his expectations, and formally apologised to serving and former members of Victoria Police including LGBTI members who experienced workplace harm.

VEOHRC has now released the third and final audit, the report marks the conclusion of the four-year review aimed at reducing:

  • workplace harm
  • addressing sex discrimination
  • sexual harassment

in Victoria Police.

The report identifies the significant progress Victoria Police has made on gender equality since 2015, while highlighting the ongoing work and commitment needed to stamp out workplace harm.

Victoria Police has accepted all additional recommendations laid down in the Phase 3 Audit report.

Ongoing implementation of the original recommendations and the implementation of the new recommendations will deliver significant organisational change, creating a gender inclusive workplace where all employees are safe and treated with dignity and respect. 

Proud, visible, safe

Responding to Workplace Harm Experience by LGBTI Employees in Victoria Police

In early 2018, Victoria Police commissioned the Victoria Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission to conduct a review that focused on the experiences and impact of workplace harm on our LGBTI employees. In May 2019, Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton and VEOHRC Commissioner Kristen Hilton launched the report, Proud, visible, safe: Responding to Workplace Harm Experience by LGBTI Employees in Victoria Police. Victoria Police has accepted all the recommendations from VEOHRC.

Confidential help and information

Safe Space

Call Safe Space for support. Safe Space is available to current and former Victoria Police employees and their families only.

Safe Space logo

The Safe Space hotline was created in response to the VEOHRC Review. Safe Space provides confidential advice, support and advocacy for victims/targets of workplace harm.

It is available 24 hours/seven days a week/365 days per year state-wide and is independent of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Victoria Police. Safe Space will not disclose information to Victoria Police which might identify a victim/target without their express consent.

Taskforce Salus

Taskforce Salus was established to identify and investigate sexual predatory behaviour and serious sexual harassment and discrimination allegations made against current or former Police, Protective Services Officers and Victorian Public Service staff.

There are processes in place to ensure confidentiality consistent with the Protected Disclosures Act to protect the identity of reporting individuals. If you prefer, anonymous information may also be provided.

Taskforce Salus Confidential Contact Options
Phone: 03 8327 6845

Taskforce Salus
Victoria Police Centre
G.P.O Box 913
Melbourne, VIC, 3001

Reviewed 27 August 2019