Victoria Police follows the Victorian Government Purchasing Board's procurement framework.

Procurement principles

Victoria Police follows the following four procurement principles:

  • Value for money
  • Accountability
  • Scalability
  • Probity.

Victoria Police Annual Procurement Plan

All planned procurement projects are subject to revision or cancellation. 

Information in the Procurement Activity Plan is for planning purposes only.  

It does not represent a solicitation or constitute a proposal request. It is not a commitment by Victoria Police to buy the described goods or services. 

Victoria Police’s planned procurements for the next 12 months are available in the plan.

View the Victoria Police Annual Procurement Plan

Complaints and concerns

If you have a complaint or concern about a procurement process, please: 

The Victoria Police Procurement Complaints Management Policy sets out the process we follow to address complaints.


Suppliers interested in Victorian Government procurement can visit the Buying for Victoria Tenders Portal.  

Suppliers can register as a user for the Victorian Government Tenders System. 

Registered users can: 

  • view tender information 
  • set up email notifications for tender opportunities 
  • download relevant documentation 
  • register for briefings, and 
  • submit tender responses online. 

Visit the Buying for Victoria Tenders Portal

Local Jobs First

The Local Jobs First Policy gives local businesses equal opportunities to compete for government contracts. 

Victoria Police is mandated by this policy.  

It applies to projects with budgets of:  

  • $1 million or more in regional Victoria, or 
  • $3 million or more in metropolitan Melbourne or for state-wide projects.  

Learn more at the Local Jobs First website

Social Procurement Framework

Victoria Police commits to the Victorian Government's Social Procurement Framework (SPF). 

The SPF aims to achieve: 

  • fair and inclusive employment 
  • supplier diversity, and 
  • environmental sustainability. 

Victoria Police prioritises the below SPF objectives: 

  • opportunities for social enterprise and Aboriginal business sectors 
  • women’s equality and safety, and 
  • supporting safe, inclusive and fair workplaces. 

Learn more at the Victorian Government Purchasing Board website

Further procurement information