Strategy for Digitally Transforming Victoria Police 2023–2028

7 June 2024

Message from the Chief Commissioner 

The world around us is transforming at a rapid pace. Victoria Police must operate in an increasingly digital world, respond to rising citizen and workforce expectations, anticipate and protect against existing and emerging threats, and cope with continuing fiscal discipline. 

We will always maintain a physical presence and our most important services will continue to be delivered physically by police officers. Supporting police to deliver the best possible service requires us to bring our information into order and seek to streamline our processes to improve every interaction. 

The Strategy for Digitally Transforming Victoria Police details how technology will be a key enabler in delivering business value and support Victoria Police to achieve its strategic plans. 

This document helps everyone who works in and with the Victoria Police to understand our vision, as well as the strategic areas that we are focused on as a result. 

Secondly, it establishes some key ambitions and objectives for the organisation that will need to be translated into operational reality, through transformational activity and day-to-day business and policing. 

We are committed to this transformation that will ensure Victoria Police is an enduring force for policing in the digital age.

Shane Patton APM
Chief Commissioner, Victoria Police

Decorative photo of Shane Patton, APM Chief Commissioner, Victoria Police. He is smiling and in Victoria Police Dress Uniform.


Message from the Deputy Secretary and Chief Digital Officer

Victoria Police has significantly advanced its modernisation agenda around leadership, diversity, safety and technology over the last five years. This has further improved its capacity to effectively respond to important public safety issues, while meeting government priorities and legislative requirements. 

This strategy sets out the Victoria Police’s long-term operational priorities, as well as the key areas we need to focus on internally in order to support them. This includes critical partnerships with Service Delivery Transformation, Digital Victoria and external partners at its core. 

The document provides a vision for Victoria Police in terms of the key features, capabilities and behaviours that we want and will need over the next five years. It talks about what we want to excel in operationally, but also considers how the Victoria Police should look and feel in order to give us the best chance of delivering a quality service to the public. 

Our work to digitally transform Victoria Police will leverage new technology innovations, better ways of working and upskilled people to transform frontline operations. We want to improve service value and enhance safety, security and community confidence. 

To pave the way for a modern police service, Victoria Police has built a professional workforce. It seeks to ensure its workforce is well-equipped with technology that enables personnel to be more mobile, responsive, visible, and actively engaged with the community. 

Consciously establishing core internal capability will further enhance technical competency to deliver the services required to free up policing towards greater community engagement. This is an exciting ambition that will truly impact the way Victoria Police operates.

Karl Kent OAM
Deputy Secretary, Victoria Police

Deputy Secretary Karl Kent

Dr Steve Hodgkinson
Chief Digital Officer, Victoria Police

Chief Digital Office Dr Steve Hodgkinson