Strategy for Digitally Transforming Victoria Police 2023–2028: Improve digital governance and decision-making

Drive the right choices that quickly build more consistent, secure and interoperable digital and data assets at lower overall cost.

Key enabler:  Improve digital governance and decision-making

Risks and opportunities

  • Localised technology capability may not align with enterprise systems risking service impacts and cost efficiency. 
  • Lack of fully coordinated and aligned technology oversight has the potential to diminish utilisation of digital capabilities, strategic vendor relationships, and enable systems and data vulnerabilities. 
  • Policy compliance is challenging as there is conflicting information or reference to numerous documents.

Tomorrow and beyond will have

  • Oversight across all technology spends within Victoria Police to increase control and reduce technology debt and operating costs. 
  • Alignment to Whole of Victorian Government standards and governance that creates an interoperable supporting environment for knowledge, sharing, digital tools and ways of working. Also enables collaboration and develops cross-departmental views on processes and services. 
  • Simplified policy that is easily read and understood to promote compliance.

Key activities

  • Internal process improvement.
  • Enhanced enterprise level governance including architecture.
  • Develop enterprise workflow management.
  • Alignment to Whole of Victorian Government common standards and frameworks to guide decision-making and provide consistency.
  • ICT policy suite refreshed.