Strategy for Digitally Transforming Victoria Police 2023–2028: Executive summary

Our vision

Victoria Police will leverage digital technology innovations, process collaboration and an upskilled workforce to transform front-line operations, optimise service value and enhance safety, security and confidence of the community.

Victoria Police is well placed to build and enhance technology capabilities as well as strengthening the supporting services that underpin this capability.


Foundations for digital transformation

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This strategy aligns with the Whole of Victorian Government vision and national policing strategy where there is high public demand for digital government services and increasing investment in digital technologies, infrastructure and skills. 

Victoria Police will continue its modernisation journey to ensure it can effectively and efficiently respond to changing social, economic and technology landscapes, expectations and challenges.


Victoria Police's modernisation journey

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How we enhance and streamline existing technologies

Advanced digital technology capabilities will build upon a strong foundation, specifically addressing key capability with a focus on enhancing and streamlining existing technologies.

Digital timeline

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  • 2016: Service Victoria established
  • 2018: BlueConnect delivery program commences
  • 2020: Digital Victoria established and Covid-19 Response 
  • 2020 onwards: Modern Workplace delivery program
  • 2020 onwards: Service Delivery Transformation

Key strategic enablers

The Digital Services and Security Department (DSSD) is a key digital enabler in delivering business value and support to Victoria Police to achieve its strategic plans. 

Victoria Police will invest in critical digital technologies, infrastructure and skills through key strategic enablers.