Strategy for Digitally Transforming Victoria Police 2023–2028: Leverage strategic digital platforms

Common platforms that reduce portfolio complexity, improve connectivity, unlock productivity and enable workforce mobility.

Key enabler: Leverage strategic digital platforms

Risks and opportunities

  • Recent investment in digital technologies has delivered foundational capabilities that can be expanded upon to service organisational needs. 
  • Legacy technology systems need to be constantly reviewed to ensure fitness for purpose. 
  • Existing manual processes present an opportunity for automation to increase efficiency and user experience.

Tomorrow and beyond will have

  • Platforms that enable greater mobility and supports a working from anywhere collaborative workforce. 
  • Connected Whole of Victorian Government / National enterprise platforms that drive interoperability, efficiencies and effective services. 
  • Common digital platforms utilising an ecosystem of interconnected technologies, platforms and services (e.g. Internet of Things, Analytics, Finance and Human Resource Management). 
  • Enhanced communications to and from the community. 

Key activities

  • Progress process digitalisation.
  • Develop digital platform roadmaps.
  • Progressive capability streamlining and rationalisation.
  • Foster effective partnerships and work with Digital Victoria to ensure alignment to Whole of Victorian Government initiatives.